t h e   f o l k   c a l e n d a r


This is an attempt to put some order in our local folk universe. It is by no means comprehensive or complete. It's intended to give an overview of some of the things that are happening to the west of the rather large (& almost self-contained) Toronto community. I'd suggest using it in conjunction with the  "Club Listings"  Hopefully, you might feel free to print it out and use it as a starting point to customize it to your own preferences. Enjoy!

Display Notes:  You're going to notice that the calendar is laid out in the somewhat unusual "Monday to Sunday" format. This is to allow all them darned festivals in the summertime to show up in a less confusing manner.

Ritual Disclaimer & General Caveat:    I do my darnedest to keep them pesky error thingies the heck out of here, but mistakes can happen. You has done been warned!

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