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Greetings, y'all . . .

        Welcome to my site. I live in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. The main purpose of this site is to give some shape to folk & folk-oriented activity in this area and (of course) to share my love of folk music. Obviously I'm going to do my best to promote the superb performers I've gotten to know over the years. I might even indulge in a wee bit of shameless self-promotion, but I'll try to keep it subtle, okay? (On the other hand, if you'd like to know something about the group I'm currently part of, simply click on Jericho)

        I'm going to keep this homepage as simple as possible, 'cause slow-loading pages give me a great big pain in the Royal Canadian. I assume that's not an isolated feeling.

        I want to specially mention and thank Jay Linden for having hosted this site on his webspace for so long. Jay is a fine songwriter and performer and I strongly recommend a visit to his own website to acquaint yourself with this excellent artist.

        My e-mail address: jeremiahmccawbudnark@gmail.com

        Carry on, mes amis!

So  -  here's what I've got to offer from here:

(Among many other things, the homepage of the Brantford Open Stage is here.)


The Folk Calendar

- an overview of happenings in this area (southwest central Ontario).
By no means complete, but I do try.
Late note (May 2001): this is getting right out of control! When I decided to get well ahead on this thing & have all
the summer months and all the festival information I could find, well, I just had no idea. You can print the page out if you want, but be warned - I did so for a couple of friends that are without a computer, and it ran to 11 pages!!!
(And I do love it;  so enjoy!)

Club Listings

As up to date as I can manage; this is a listing of all the folk clubs of which I'm aware. Mostly (but not entirely) I'm ignoring Toronto itself, not out of snobbism, but because the folk community there is very centralized and therefore an almost independant entity. In conjunction with the calendar, you should end up with a fair picture of what be happenin' out there.


- to performers I know, enjoy, respect & and just plain think you should oughta know about;
  - to resources, media and suchlike.

Grand River Folk Community

serving an area of Ontario including suchlike places as:

Arkell    Brantford    Cambridge
Elora    Fergus    Guelph      Kitchener-Waterloo    Paris
St. Jacobs & many points in between....

Audience Guide

There's a chance that you may not be familiar with the way a lot of folk clubs operate. Hopefully, this will help. Understand, I'm not pompously laying down the law here - this is just my observation of the workings most of the clubs that I frequent.

Performer Guide

Same caveat as the Audience Guide
Hope it's of help.


Words About Music
snippets of prose that have struck me as particularly evocative.
Consider the following:

A Gracious Thing
from John Steinbeck
(this particularly evocative passage from
"The Grapes of Wrath" caught the attention of John & Sheila Ludgate.
The resulting song, "Steinbeck's Guitar", is being used by the Steinbeck Centre in Salinas, California.
Go to their site, johnandsheilaludgate.com & click on 'FILM' to hear it.)

The Bass
by William Matthews

Good Jazz
by Charles Mingus

Fiddler Jones
from Edgar Lee Masters

The Importance of Jazz
by the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Ten Commandments
of Jamming

original author unknown
(& I wish I had that information; giving "credit where credit is due"
is important to me), but 'tis trenchant
& witty, and worth sharing.


Acoustic Bass Guitars

Just some random thoughts on a subject of particular interest to me.

"Started July 21, 2006, acousticroof.ca is a network that aims to facilitate the growth of house concerts in communities for the benefit of music artists, and audiences."

The growth of house concerts as viable performance venues is a relatively recent phenomenon. Here's an even more recent site dedicated to them.

Festival Stage Management

A to Z

Courtesy  of Vic Bell, veteran stage & sound manager of any number of western Canada folk festivals; this is a comprehensive pdf document on how to establish & manage a complex sound set-up. Worthwhile reading as well, for those who have no idea what's involved in the process. You'll have a new appreciation of what a sound crew does.

Requires Adobe Reader, or you might try the free Foxit Reader,
a much smaller and quicker-operating document reader.
You can get it here.

AND, just for the record, this page was originally done on Mozilla Composer; I don't know nuthin' 'bout no html, the background on this page is a lovely soft magenta, and if it comes up blushing pink on your computer,

it ain't my fault!!!

Okay, okay, all that miserable nagging. E-nuff  awready! Just as an experiment, let's try this. On my machine this is now a soft pastel, I' don't know, sorta salmon. If it ain't on yours, see previous statement!

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